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Monsey Shabbos Zmanim & Weather – Parsha: Balak

Zmain for Monsey - Shabbos Zman for Monsey, NY 10952

Shabbos Zmanim for Monsey: Parsha: Balak Candles: 8:03 Sunset: 8:21 Motzei Shabbos: 9:09 Zman Rabenu Ta’am (72 Min): 9:34 Weather: Friday Night: Chance of rain on Friday evening, temperatures in the mid-80s. Shabbos Day: Another hot day, similar to Friday, with temperatures going up into the 90s and mostly clear skies. Gut ...

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Monsey Developer Seeks to Build 600 Units on Route 59

monsey developer seeks to build rockland drive in

A developer is seeking to build a 600-unit housing complex spread over more than three-dozen buildings off Route 59 at the site of the old Rockland Drive-In Theatre, the Journal News reports. Joseph Brachfeld of Wesley Hills said his Town Square Residences would be a mix of rentals, condominiums and ...

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Photos: Animal Show for Day Camps in Monsey

monsey, ny, 10952, 2016 day camp

Several Day Camps and schools in Monsey enjoyed a summer afternoon outing at the Manny Walder (Viola) Park. This is not the first year the schools gather at this site during the summer season. This year, the kids had an opportunity to watch an animal show as you can see in ...

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Monsey House Fire Investigated for Safety Violations

About 25 people were temporarily displaced after the fire led to the shutoff of power to the building, officials said. (Photo: Town of Ramapo Police Depatrment)

An investigation is underway into possible housing violations after a building fire on Monday that occurred around 10:30am yesterday, Monday, on Calvert Drive in Monsey. Ramapo Police said that arriving police officers confirmed that the multi-family dwelling was on fire and that all occupants had evacuated to safety. Officials believe ...

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Ramapo Police Dig Out Vehicle Stuck in Ramapo River

Ramapo Police had to get out a vehicle that got stuck in the waters of Ramapo River in Hillburn. According to police, the sole occupant of the Jeep vehicle, a 23 year old Pomona man, decided to drive in the river. It appears that he didn’t realize that there are ...

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Rockland’s DA Jewish Community Liaison Surrenders Badge

Rabbi Zalman Beck and state Sen. Malcolm Smith outside L'chaim Manor in Monsey on April 26, 2012. (Photo: FBI photo)

A liaison who is credited with building a greater sense of trust between Rockland County’s Jewish community and the local district attorney’s office turned in his badge last week amid accusations that he obtained straw donations for a political candidate four years ago while an FBI investigation was underway. Rabbi ...

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Monsey Shabbos Zmanim & Weather – Parsha: Korach

Zmain for Monsey - Shabbos Zman for Monsey, NY 10952

Shabbos Zmanim for Monsey: Parsha: Korach Candles: 8:12 Sunset: 8:30 Motzei Shabbos: 9:21 Zman Rabenu Ta’am (72 Min): 9:43 Weather: Friday Night: Thunderstorms/rain will continue into the evening, temeratures around 70 degrees. Shabbos Day: Similar weather to Friday, with scattered thunderstorms afternoon. Temperatures going up in the 70s. Gut Shabbos!

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Rockland Legislature Votes 15-0 To Seek Bids for Sale of Sain Building

Rockland Legislature Votes 15-0 To Seek Bids For Sale Of Sain Building.

In a 15-0 bipartisan vote, the Rockland County Legislature has decided to seek bids from all parties interested in purchasing the county-owned Sain Building at 18 New Hempstead Road in New City. “This provides county government with a path forward,” Legislature Chairman Alden H. Wolfe said. “By following the legal ...

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