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Monsey Shabbos Zmanim & Weather – Parsha: Pinchas

shabbos table

Shabbos Zmanim for Monsey: Parsha: Pinchas (Mvorchin Av) Candles: 7:57 Sunset: 8:15 Motzei Shabbos: 9:01 Zman Rabenu Ta’am (72 Min): 9:27 Weather: Friday Night: Chance of rain on Friday evening, temperatures in the mid-70s. Shabbos Day: Another hot day, with temperatures going up into the 80s. Rain likely, starting around noon time ...

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New City Man Arrested for Unsolicited Door Knocking in Wesley Hills

door knocking illust

A resident of New City was arrested by Ramapo Police Department after officers were called for a complaint of a person going door to door soliciting sales in the Village of Wesley Hills. The officer found that the subject was selling pest control agreements to residents. The subject presented a ...

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Private School Parents Frustrated As Ramapo Central Implements Busing Cutbacks


A Rockland County school district’s attempts to tighten its belt by limiting transportation to private school students who live within its boundaries, according to a report by VIN News. But some parents are crying foul, saying that the district is doing its part to create an unfavorable climate for Orthodox ...

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Sex Offender Sues Monsey Rabbi for ‘Slanderous’ Tweet

Rockland rabbi is facing a slander lawsuit over a tweet that identified a level 3 sex offender in Monsey.

A Monsey Rabbi is facing a slander lawsuit over a tweet he posted warning parents of a level 3 sex offender, News12 reports. The lawsuit was delivered to Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, written in Hebrew and filed in Israel, where Yona Weinberg currently lives. Weinberg served time in state prison for ...

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Fast of 17 Tammuz – Monsey Zmanim

The destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70AD --
a painting by David Roberts (1796-1849).

The Fast of 17 Tammuz (Shiv’ah Asar B’Tammuz – תענית י”ז בתמוז) begins at dawn on Sunday, July 24. Fast begins at 4:03 AM dawn degrees or at 4:32 AM dawn fixed minutes Fast ends R’ Tukaccinsky : The fast ends no later than the emergence of ג’ כוכבים בינונים at 8:55 ...

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Monsey Shabbos Zmanim & Weather – Parsha: Balak

Zmain for Monsey - Shabbos Zman for Monsey, NY 10952

Shabbos Zmanim for Monsey: Parsha: Balak Candles: 8:03 Sunset: 8:21 Motzei Shabbos: 9:09 Zman Rabenu Ta’am (72 Min): 9:34 Weather: Friday Night: Chance of rain on Friday evening, temperatures in the mid-80s. Shabbos Day: Another hot day, similar to Friday, with temperatures going up into the 90s and mostly clear skies. Gut ...

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Monsey Developer Seeks to Build 600 Units on Route 59

monsey developer seeks to build rockland drive in

A developer is seeking to build a 600-unit housing complex spread over more than three-dozen buildings off Route 59 at the site of the old Rockland Drive-In Theatre, the Journal News reports. Joseph Brachfeld of Wesley Hills said his Town Square Residences would be a mix of rentals, condominiums and ...

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Photos: Animal Show for Day Camps in Monsey

monsey, ny, 10952, 2016 day camp

Several Day Camps and schools in Monsey enjoyed a summer afternoon outing at the Manny Walder (Viola) Park. This is not the first year the schools gather at this site during the summer season. This year, the kids had an opportunity to watch an animal show as you can see in ...

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